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Motor Vehicles, Boats, Motor Cycles, Trucks, Forklifts, Computers, Office Equipment, Machinery, Industrial/Work Equipment, and numerous other types of equipment may be financed by either Leasing or by Chattel Mortgages.

The incorrect choice of finance method may adversely affect your cash flow or ability to qualify for tax deductions.

Low Documentation Business Vehicle Loans

Do you dread approaching the banks for a simple commercial vehicle purchase? Do not have up to date financial statements to give to the banks? Do you have insufficient time to deal with the banks processes? Then consider a Low Documentation Equipment Loan as an option.


A lease Agreement allows you to make regular payments and at the end of the term you are required to pay a residual lump sum (or balloon payment) in order to own the item outright. Until that residual payment is made, you do not own the equipment. At the end of the lease you have the options to make the final payment, hand the item back to refinance the final residual payment.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage allows you to make regular payments until the item is paid in full. There is no residual payment at the end of the loan: however, the loan company may seize the item at any time if payments are not made.

Tax & Ownership

It is important to structure or use the right type of loan for tax and ownership purposes. Failure to do so may impact greatly on your cash flows and/or affect your ability to qualify for tax deductions.

Motor Vehicle Loans

New & Used Motor Vehicles may be financed through either a Lease Agreement or Chattel Mortgage. New vehicles are generally easier to finance than older ones. Vehicles used for Commercial purposes are able to be purchased normally through lease arrangements and finance can be arranged for multiple or fleet purchases.

Trucks and other Vehicles

Regardless of the type of Vehicle, whether it is a Truck, Bus, Taxi, Crane or Forklift; we can provide the most appropriate finance for your Business needs.


Buying a dingy, runabout, cabin cruiser, or something of a commercial nature such as a fishing boat or a charter boat; we can provide the most appropriate finance for your needs!

Other Equipment

Regardless of what it is, work tools, machinery, plant, or office equipment; we can provide the most appropriate finance to meet your individual needs.

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