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So you need extra money? It could be for further investments, travel, medical treatment, renovations, a family member's wedding or children's schooling! Then an Equity Loan may be the answer!

What is Equity?

Equity refers to the amount of ownership you hold in a particular asset. For example, if your home is worth
$100,000 and you own $50,000 to the bank, then you own or have $50,000 net worth or EQUITY in the property.

Equity in a home can be developed either through the reduction of the loan amount or the increase in market value of a property. If property prices fall then the amount of equity in your property will also decrease.

The Benefits of an Equity Loan?

Accessing funds or unlocking value in a property, allows you to use those funds for other worth while purposes, such as personal use or further investment opportunities!

What are the Dangers?

By accessing Equity from your home you are increasing the amount you have to repay. If you have used the funds for investments which go wrong, you may be called upon to provide further funds into those investments. You may then find yourself in a situation where you are required to put extra money into those investments. If you have no extra funds or equity to draw upon, then you may be forced to sell your home.
The recent Global Financial Crisis saw a number of people in this same situation. Seek Advice First

Equity Loans are very useful for accessing equity locked up in a property; however, at Gold Vision we always recommend that your speak with one of our Advisers before making an important decision such as this!


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