Safe and Secure Transfers

Thinking of investing in a Commercial or Residential Investment Property or just adding an Investment Property to your existing portfolio? Regardless if it is the first one or the third one, we can help source finance for you and restructure existing property to release funds or unlock security.

As experienced property investors ourselves, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with people who have expertise in this area!

Saving You Money!

In the course of investing in property, it is not just a simple matter of obtaining another loan on top of your current one. Most lenders will attempt to use your current security for the purchase of the Investment Property, thus locking together both properties. When this happens; it can cause a number of retrospective complications when trying to purchase another property or in selling an existing property.

Often, incorrect structuring of the loans equates to substantial future financial costs in restructuring.

Call us to ensure your finance is structured correctly to avoid extensive costs in the future!

Commercial or Residential

There are numerous types of properties that you can invest in and with our knowledge and experience we can help you achieve your goal of investing in Property, regardless of the Type or Location!

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