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Recent law changes now allow the Cash Release or Early Withdrawal of South African Retirement Annuity / Annuities.  The release is cash placed into your bank account so that you can access it from any where in the World including Australia and use it for what ever purpose you wish!

World Pension Transfers is one of the few Firms in Australia that specialises in transfers from South Africa.  As the funds can be released in cash, we are able to deal with requests not only from Australia but across the World.

Transfers are very complex and involves Emigration, Tax Dept in South Africa and Australia, the Annuity Provider and SA Banking facilities.  It is not a straight forward matter and normally takes a period of 6 months at least to affect. (depending on your personal circumstances etc).  

South African Fact Sheet

Download our Fact sheet on the Release or cash out of South African Retirement Annuities.

South African Fact Sheet

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South African Release Forms

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                                              TRANSFER OPTIONS


This option can be very useful in establishing yourself in your new Country of Residence as those funds can be used to help establish yourself or to purchase a new home.Our Firm also provides Finance Brokering Services in Australia as well so we can provide all the information required to qualify for a home loan as well as finding the most appropriate loan for you. 


The placement of funds into an Australian Superannuation fund is a tax effective means of providing funds for your retirement as funds withdrawn from a Super Fund are Tax Free from the age of 60 onwards! You can also consider placement of the funds into a similar pension structure in your new Country of Residence (if not Australia), however, we can not provide advice in this regard, but can normally refer you to someone who can.


Our Firm also provides Investment Advice so we can help you place your funds into other Investments within Australia.  For those in other Countries of Residence we can normally refer you to someone who can.

                                            OTHER INFORMATION

Recent changes now allow South African Annuities to be release early in certain circumstances including Departure from South Africa. 

There is no need to formally Immigrate from South Africa but you must declare that you have no intention of not returning to South Africa for a period of 5 years at least.  Therefore you can maintain your South African Citizenship! 

You will; however, need an immigration clearance for Tax Purposes from South Africa and to be a permanent resident of another country for Tax Purposes at the time.  

Transfers are very complex and may involve Immigration, Tax Dept, the Annuity Provider and SA Banking facilities.  It is not a straight forward matter and normally takes a period of 6 months at least to affect. (depending on your personal circumstances etc)


Tax is payable to the SARS and is deducted from your fund before release by the fund.  The amount of tax depends on the fund balance.  An additonal tax may be applied to very large amounts being transferred out of South Africa that exceeds limits imposed by SARS. 

Australia has a tax agreement in place with South Africa and as such there is a no double tax policy.  So depending on your circumstances and income in Australia you may not pay any additional tax on you transfer at all. 

As the release of funds is not a direct transfers from one fund to another, any tax payable will be applied at your personal tax margin through your tax return.

Our Firm does a Transfer Review with you prior to any transfer so you are fully informed of the likely costs including tax payments before you commit to our Service.  


Our Firm provides a low cost professional service with a Fixed Dollar Fee for each Country . There are no % based fees so you know what it is going to cost you.  In most cases our fees are deducted from your transfer balance making our service fees affordable. 

Our Fees vary for each Country and are disclosed at time of initial inquiry.  However, you will find that they are very conservative and low cost when compared with other Firms resulting in considerable savings to you.


Our fees are normally deducted from the Transfer balance at the time of Transfer so there is no impact on your cash flows, however you can elect to pay our Firm upfront. Your permission is obtained for such payments and can not occur without your authority.  An invoice is issued for our services for tax Purposes.

Essential charges for SARS clearances and Emigration/Bank charges are normally deducted directly from your funds.    


We understand that one of the most confusing and stressful issue is working out tax payable! To make things easy for you, we provide you with a Complimentary Tax Guide with all the forms and balances so you can do your tax with ease!

There is no limit to the amount that can be released from South Africa, however, there may be an additional tax placed on large amounts transferred from South Africa.

TRANSFER TIME FRAMES - 6 months is the average.


From our experience, Trust and Peace of Mind is the number one consideration in choosing a Company to look after your Transfer.  Our Firm has considerable experience in undertaking overseas pension transfers and unlike other Firms, we actually deal with more than One Country! 

Therefore, we have considerable Technical Knowledge and Experience in a wide range of Overseas Funds to ensure a safe and secure transfer for you.

Unlike other Firms, Gold Vision is a Full Financial Services Firm meeting all the legal requirements to provide advice and undertake Transfers.  Security and Peace of mind comes from knowing that we meet all the government regulations and hold all the appropriate liability insurances to further protect you. 

Our Licence details are disclosed and we strongly suggest that you should think twice about using another transfer service if they do not disclose any licence details on their website!

To Request a Refund or Transfer:

It is quick and simple:For General Transfer Enquiries, requesting a Client Services Officer to contact you to discuss a Transfer with you:

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Cash Release South African Retirement Annuity / Annuities Forms:

South African Release Forms

To lodge a completed Pension Transfer Request Form please SEND VIA:

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or fax back to:  + 61 8 93758504 (outside Australia) or 08 93758500 within Australia.
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We will then complete a Release Assessment with you and advise you of the fixed price for your Request.  If the funds can not be transferred for any reason then there is no charge for our efforts.