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Superannuation can be an Tax effective means of saving for retirement.  As with all Investments, it is important to review on a regular basis to ensure you are getting value for money and that your exposure to risk is appropriate to your needs.

Considerable Costs savings can be achieved by reviewing your policies, consolidating numerous policies into one super fund and ensuring that you are not to exposed to high risks investments within your fund. 

In recent times, incorrect risk exposure has seen many super policies loose 50% or more of their value. Furthermore, poor returns on your super investments choices will have a possible serious effect on retirement outcomes.

World Pension Transfers are able to review your super policies and provide advice as required to ensure you achieve or maximise your Retirement Outcomes.

Our Superannuation Services include:

Self Managed Super Funds
Self Managed Super Funds - property purchases
Self managed Super Funds - loans
Consolidation of Super
Investment review
Salary Sacrificing
Government Co-Contribution Payments
Spouse Tax Offsets
Allocated Pensions

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation is another term used for Retirement Savings. It is not an Investment but rather a Vehicle, which contains or holds a number of Investments inside it in a tax friendly effective environment.

What Type of Investments does Superannuation hold?

There are many types of investments with Superannuation and they cover all the main asset classes including Cash, Fixed Interest, Property, Australian Shares and International Shares.

Most funds allow you to choose a mixture predetermined to your investment profile or you can elect your own choice of investments within the fund.

The Benefits of Superannuation

The main benefit for most people is the lower taxation of your contributions and the ability to obtain your superannuation at retirement Tax Free. In addition, you can choose to take all your funds out or convert it into a Pension to support your life style in retirement.

Those funds remaining in your pension fund still continue to be invested and provide further returns.

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